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The Mission of Mazur's Total Automotive

Mazur's Total Automotive is located on Industrial Dr. in Hamburg/Whitmore Lake Michigan. We want to provide you with quality repair, while keeping the price within a reasonable range. We preach that preventative maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle, eliminate the need for an endless cycle of car payments, and save you money in the long run.

One of the most common misconceptions is that cars become unreliable after 100,000 miles, this is not so. Many vehicles can be kept running reliably, well past 200,000 miles. Joe Mazur, owner of Mazur's Total Automotive, owns two vehicles that are both over 250,000 miles.

Mazur's Total Automotive has made it their mission to keep the vehicles of the community running well into their seniority. Why don’t you join us?

We Perform

All Factory maintenance On all makes and models of vehicles ( basic stuff like oil changes, tire rotations, tune ups ect.)

Joe Mazur | Mazur's Total Automotive - Pinckney

Joe Mazur

Joe is the owner of Mazur's Total Automotive. He has been around cars all of his life, getting his start at a very early age working on cars with his dad. After high school, Joe pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering at U of M, but after completing 2 years of the program, discovered that his heart was not in it. He then decided to pursue diagnosing and repairing cars. After another 1 year of trade school training, Joe was immediately hired and continued to work at many of the area’s dealers for over 15 years, starting as a mechanic, and eventually moving to management. In 2009, Joe and his family began Mazur's Total Automotive, and Joe currently oversees day to day operations.

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